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What is the difference between out-of-hours GP services and emergency care?

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Contacting the emergency care units of the Clinical Centre of the University of Debrecen is recommended only in case of a sudden onset of a condition that progressively worsens. In case of a medical emergency, please call the National Ambulance Service at Waiting in emergency care including ambulance, medical on-call service and the emergency departments as well is significantly influenced by their use with non-emergency cases.

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If one uses emergency care instead of general practitioners or organised specialty clinics with non-acute symptoms disease of multiple days or weeks without deteriorationit significantly increases waiting time. It may also occur that waiting time in an emergency department is longer than at the general practitioner or specialty clinics.

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In case of health problems lasting for weeks and where the condition ízületi fájdalom hogyan kell hívni mentőt not deteriorating, it is better to wait for tomorrow and visit your general practitioner or an outpatient clinic.

It is better also for the forgetful and they help other patients as well if they do not use the emergency service to urgently replace their medications for their chronic diseases, but they ask for the prescription from their general practitioner. For adults, out-of-hours services in primary care is provided at the Emergency Clinic, while children with emergency issues are treated at the Department of Paediatrics.

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Patients are encouraged to turn to the out-of-hours services with complaints with which they would otherwise visit their GPs. This means that outside of the consulting hours of your GP, with problems you would otherwise visit them - sich as an urgent request for prescription, fever, throat pain etc.